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In some craft stores

In some craft stores, you can find wrap that is adorned with a fun sports theme! Make your own filler using shredded paper in one or more colors and choose a matching bow or ribbon. For your color scheme, choose colors that reflect the sport the basket is centered around. Colors can match a favorite sports team or coordinate with the items inside the basket. For example, a golf lover's basket may contain grassy green filler and a green bow. A fisherman's basket could feature lake blue filler. Use your imagination! To fill your basket, go for delicious gourmet foods, candies, and other items that relate to sports. Examples could be a video or DVD, a coffee mug or Thermos embellished with a sporting logo, or a cute sports-related desk calendar. If shopping for all of these things isn't on your to-do list, then consider purchasing a ready-made basket.
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